Help me write a Wordle: three words about compliance e-learning

I’m undertaking some very unscientific research for my presentation at next week’s eLearning Network conference about innovation in compliance training.

I’d very much like your contribution!

It’ll only take five minutes (maximum) of your time – I promise. Just follow the three simple steps below.

  • Step 1: Think of the last compliance e-learning course you took.
  • Step 2: Sum it up in three words.
  • Step 3: Let me know your three words (in comments below or @StephanieDedhar on Twitter).

That’s it! Easy.

For extra brownie points, what three words sum up the compliance e-learning you want to see more of?

In return, I’ll pull all the responses received by Friday 19 November¬†together into a Wordle, which I’ll post here after next week’s event.


15 thoughts on “Help me write a Wordle: three words about compliance e-learning

  1. Nick Simons

    Awful compliance training is everything that people have already said here in reply. What bothers me is that most such training makes more-or-less no contribution to reducing the risk of non-compliance. And so …

    3 words for the bad compliance training: had no effect
    3 words for the good compliance training: reduced non-compliance risk

  2. Sam

    Hi Stephanie – slightly tricky one for me to answer because I designed the last one I took and it’s only just been released so I haven’t had the chance to evaluate it yet but I’ll go for..
    last one: engaging, over ambitious, controversial
    it should be: engaging (still), effective, reliable

    1. stephaniededhar Post author

      Hi Matt – A quick apology as I just found your comment sitting in my spam folder! So sorry your words didn’t make it into the Wordle, but thanks for contributing. Hope your daughter is enjoying the Kindle she helped you win!


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