An e-learning Christmas variety box from the eLN (part 2)

Before Christmas I collated the first 14 days of the eLearning Network’s advent calendar, ’24 Tips for eLearning Professionals’. In case you missed then, here’s a round-up of the final 10 days:

  1. Preparing for a virtual classroom, virtual meeting or webinar (by Barry Sampson)
  2. Thinking about designing campaigns, not just courses (by Lars Hyland)
  3. Making the most of e-learning storyboards (by John Curran)
  4. Delivering results by aligning L&D and operations (by Lesley Price)
  5. Setting up your own web server (by Dan Roddy)
  6. Gameifying your e-learning (by Simon Bostock)
  7. Creating successful scenario based questions (by Grant Williams)
  8. Using the GEAR methodology for engaging, effective live online learning (by Kate Graham)
  9. Designing effective questions (by Viv Cole)
  10. Producing great video for e-learning (by Rob Hubbard)

There’s something for everyone amongst the full 24 tips, and I for one hope this is something the eLearning Network repeats next Christmas!


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