A lesson in e-engagement from Magnum’s internet pleasure hunt

I just came across Magnum’s pleasure hunt across the internet and had to share it. Take 10 minutes today to have a go – I guarantee it’ll make you smile (and maybe also hungry!).

This is a great lesson in e-engagement. I was captivated from the start till the end – so captivated in fact that I didn’t even notice the score tracker in the top right corner until halfway through. I particularly love:

  • The layering of computer-generated images over visually interesting websites and videos, and the interaction of the two as she daintily jumps on text boxes and hangs from graphics
  • The beautiful and varied transitions from scene to scene, including diving into swimming pools, gliding across the sky and hopping into a lift
  • The freedom to explore; aside from a very quick navigation introduction and some gentle ‘jump here’ prompts, it’s all down to you to explore what is and isn’t possible

How great would it be to emulate this in an e-learning course?


1 thought on “A lesson in e-engagement from Magnum’s internet pleasure hunt

  1. caura-yang helene

    Wow yes indeed it’s absolutely great! I wonder how much efforts it takes to do that… That would be great for our simulations or even simply to explore an area (induction programme) an interact with the different persons.


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