What do you want to know about storyboarding?

In a few weeks I’ll be delivering a short presentation at the next eLearning Network event in London, which is all about copy, storyboarding and scenarios. I’ll be tackling the storyboarding element, and I’ve got some ideas, tips and templates to share. But, in the interest of delivering something relevant and useful, I want to find out what the people who’ll be attending would like to hear about.

So, it’s over to you:

  • What are the most common challenges or obstacles you encounter when storyboarding for e-learning?
  • What aspects of storyboarding would you really like advice, tips or other opinions around?

I’m also interested to know if there are any approaches or tools which have really worked for you – or conversely any you’ve tried which haven’t worked for some reason.

Please let me know via the comments box below, or on Twitter (@StephanieDedhar), and hope to see many of you at the event!


4 thoughts on “What do you want to know about storyboarding?

  1. amdgavemaria

    I’d like to know more on simple and complex branching techniques in storyboarding especially while designing simple and complex simulations and games….Thanks!

  2. Nick Simons (@saffronnic)

    Hi, Stephanie. How about looking at Word versus PowerPoint (or anything else) as the storyboarding medium?

    Actually, that’s a bit of a cheeky request as unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be there. Have fun, though!

  3. caura-yang helene

    Hi there

    My main issue is to make the storyboard (Word version, the fastest to design) easy enough to understand by the clients, especially new clients. When we describe an activity or an animation it can be tricky to visualise it. Without spending too much time drawing things I wonder if you have some good tricks in that area.

  4. dames20

    Hi Stephanie – I was wondering about scripting and setting tone – whether the learning is playful or serious etc. I find that when I put a bit of humour in a course – I quickly think that it is not funny anymore and then decide to re-script. Wondered if you have any tips about setting the tone of the piece? Thanks & good luck!


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